Our Suppliers

Our menus at No. 1 are all about simplicity and pride. Inspired by our wonderful producers — not just from Limerick and its environs, but from the whole island — our role is to source the best ingredients and present them simply to showcase their flavour and the love that has gone into making them. We have the height of respect for the people who work so hard to bring us this superb produce.

If you would like to feature on our menus please get in touch with us at info@oneperysquare.com


Mossfield Organic Farm

Mossfield Organic Farm is located in County Offaly at the foot of the Sleive Bloom Mountains. The majority of the farm consists of limestone pasture which produces lush grass interwoven with wild herbs and clover, this provides ideal grazing for the herd of eighty cows.

Goatsbridge Trout

At Goatsbridge Fish Farm, trout is our passion. Our knowledge and experience farming rainbow trout has been passed down through three generations. Each catch comes daily from the crystal clear waters of The Little Arrigle River, giving our trout unique taste and texture. 

Ballymackenny Farm

Maria Flynn, from Ballymakenny, Co. Louth, is married to a potato farmer, but not satisfied with roosters or queens, Maria saw a niche in the market just waiting to be filled…heritage potatoes. Her first foray into growing began in 2015, with the Violetta variety, completely purple throughout. 

New Leaf Urban Farmers

New Leaf Urban Farmers is an award-winning micro-farm located in Ballyneety, County Limerick. We farm 1.5 acres. Over the last four years we have evolved to a no-till approach which essentially means; we try to minimise soil disturbance outside of planting and harvesting.

Foxes Bow Whiskey

Inspired by the popularity of rye whiskey in Toronto & San Francisco while living there, Alice and Tony were eager to explore the impact of rye on Irish Whiskey. The result is a delicious layer on spice which balances well with the burst of red dried fruits and sweet vanilla from the sherry and bourbon barrels also used to age the whiskey.

Attyflin Estate

The Attyflin Estate is a unique and historic 250 acre demesne that was established many hundreds of years ago. It has a centuries-old food tradition. The extensive orchards provide bountiful apple harvests – a ‘core’ ingredient for our quality fruit beverages, preserves and chutneys.

Cahill’s Tea

Cahill’s Tea is housed in the old tobacco and snuff factory on Wickham Street, Limerick.  Cahill’s has served the people of Limerick since 1870 and we are now pleased to offer you our carefully selected range of teas sourced in tea gardens and plantations in China, India, Ceylon and Japan. 

Munster Microgreens

David O’Callaghan began researching sustainable and healthy foods and came across microgreens, which ultimately became his passion. Microgreens are vegetable greens harvested just after the cotyledon leaves have developed. They can be used as a nutrition supplement, a visual enhancement, and a flavor and texture enhancement. 

CS Fish Shop

CS Fish is a family run seafood business based in Mountrivers Doonbeg Co. Clare. Drawing on over 40 years experience means the Sexton family know their fresh fish and shellfish affording them the unique ability to provide an absolute guarantee of quality and freshness.

Cúlbhac Farm

Esther and Ollie O’Brien in Newport, Co Tipperary run Cúlbhac Farm, a 100-acre chemical-free, organically-certified operation that has been in the O’Brien family for over two centuries. They specialise in producing fresh, high-quality produce to their local community.

Milk Market Limerick

Discover the very best of fresh, natural produce from great farmhouse cheeses and chutneys, just-caught fish and artisan meats, organic fruit & vegetables, to delicious healthy breads and fresh pressed juices.

Rigney’s Farm

Rigney’s farm is a small rare breed farm in beautiful west Limerick only 5 miles from Adare. Operates as an experiential farm house B&B where we produce our own free range pork, Shorthorn beef and multi award wining granola.

Micheal O’Loughlin Butchers

Michael O’Loughlin Butchers are prize-winning butchers, having won several awards through the Association of Craft Butchers of Ireland and the Speciality Foods Competition All produce is locally sourced from experienced and reputable farmers and can be traced from farm to table.

Treaty City Brewery

Treaty City Brewery is situated in Limerick City’s historic medieval quarter in two renovated 18th century buildings with links to Limerick’s historical brewing industry and enjoy a fantastic craft beer experience. It is an artisanal craft micro brewery, that makes some of the best beers in the country.

Richardsons Foods

Richardsons unique story began over 40 years ago with Matthew growing shallots and scallions at the age of 10, building a greenhouse at his sister’s house at the age of 14 and supplying local businesses with fresh home grown produce on his bike. This is a grass roots story, one of provenance, family, hard work and a passion for growing fresh produce from the soil.

Irish Gourmet Mushrooms

Irish Gourmet Mushrooms was founded in 2018. Colm Smyth is cultivating gourmet mushrooms without the use of chemicals in County Limerick including King Oyster Mushroom, Tree Oyster, Lion’s mane mushroom and more. Mushrooms as a food are becoming more popular as consumers turn towards more vegetable-based meals for health reasons.

Crowe’s Farm

Established in 1981, John Crowe began hand rearing batches of Landrace Pigs on the family farm in the heart of the Golden Vale in Tipperary. From their independent, family-run business they have dedicated years to perfecting traditional methods of meat preparation to produce only the best quality pork, bacon and organic poultry.

Savage Cabbage

Meet Mercedes and Rory, the co-founders of Savage Cabbage, a fermented foods business that specialises in raw, vegan-friendly products. They offer a range of fermented foods including kimchi, sauerkraut and kombucha. Their products are made using traditional fermentation methods, resulting in a delightful, tangy flavour that’s packed with gut-healthy probiotics.

Tory Hill House

Tory Hill House is run by three generations of women who are passionate about farming and nature. A small dairy and beef farm that produces raw milk and grass fed beef. It’s produced a slower way, with a small herd of cows grazing on rich, wildflower meadows and milked just once-a-day. Providing real milk and real beef for people who can recognise the good stuff!

Gubbeen Cheese

The Ferguson family have worked Gubbeen Farm for many generations now. It is a 250 acre coastal farm in West Cork one mile outside the fishing village of Schull, the Atlantic Ocean bordering one boundary and Mount Gabriel to the North as a back drop behind the land, sheltering the pasture that has always supported the Gubbeen herd.

Tongue Tied Hot Sauce

For as long as they could remember, Cork brothers Felix and Alex Castaldo always wanted to do something spicy. The influences of their father, a humble immigrant from Naples, and of their Cork mother, played a part too – with three captivating flavours, ranging from mild to incendiary, their arsenal boasts not just taste but a rainbow of energetic hues.

Thomandgate Whiskey

As an independent bottler and bonder, we take pride in our grain-to-glass philosophy, using locally grown barley and collaborating with esteemed distilleries to produce remarkable spirits. Discover the essence of Limerick’s rich distilling heritage through our premium whiskies and experience the artistry and craftsmanship that define our brand. Join us as we revive”

Thornhill Duck

Surrounded by animals and fresh food all his life on the family’s working farm, there was only ever one path Kenneth Moffitt could and wanted to take. And so, at the tender age of 19, he started to rear a small number of free range geese and then began to rear ducks on his farm in Blacklion, Co Cavan.

Inspired by the history of Limerick’s famous bacon industry, the ‘Pigtown Culture and Food Series’ is an exciting programme of themed events in September in Limerick. Developed by the Limerick Food Group and supported by Limerick City & County Council, the series will focus on Limerick’s unique heritage as a way to showcase the great food available locally, building on our deep-rooted food heritage.


The Urban Co-Op is proud to be the first co-operative grocery store in Limerick – owned, controlled and operated by its members. Selling wholesome food at affordable prices and are operated by the community for the community. Their aim is to create a sustainable Limerick. Their products range from organic fruit & vegetables, sourdough breads, local free-range and organic eggs, free-range, pasture-reared meat, eco-friendly cleaning products & Made in Limerick crafts.


The Milk Market is an amazing food market and venue at the heart of Limerick. Enjoy a cafe/brunch Experience with fairs and events. After you’ve tasted the delectable treats at the Milk Market you can feast upon an array of beautiful handcrafts. With live music and and large free seating area its a great place to go with the family and enjoy a food and fun filled day.