Announcing The New Container Garden at No. 1

Designed and created by local award winning garden designer Des Kingston this bespoke container garden is inspired by the warmth of Irish hospitality.

We’ve repurposed locally sourced period artefacts to create a unique urban oasis. Each piece has been cleverly repurposed to allow the plants to survive and thrive.

Included are familiar items associated with the travel and hospitality industry such as a c1950’s Ford Prefect, an industrial food mixer, an early radio beacon from nearby Shannon Airport, a 1940’s petrol pump, a 1960’s fridge, a Bedford delivery van grille, a 1950’s scooter amongst many other interesting and curious items.

Each piece tells a story of the past harmonising with the present to enhance your experience.

Step into a garden that transcends time, inviting you to indulge in the charm of yesteryear while embracing a greener future.

No. 1 Pery Square – a testament to sustainability, creativity and the enduring spirit of Irish hospitality.